Friday, September 2, 2011

JOHNNY SOCKO - Bovaquarium

Another lower-rung ska band ,this time from Indiana. Some stupid lyrics,that may make you laugh a little. The music is not really up to par with most 3rd wave ska bands. A few skits provide relief ,albeit briefly , from their tunes.


Big Daddy Kane said...

Wow, what an uninformed descriptive paragraph. It is a certainty that you have never seen this band live. You obviously have no other experience with this band other than a spinning of this album.

Johnny Socko was one of the greatest touring bands ever. World class musicians, outrageous entertainers and superb songs!

Those of us lucky enough to have seen it know. Rereading your perspective, I'm glad you didn't get to experience these guys.

G O D said...

fuck off dick! I like ska , and this is just as I described it,learn it and love it ,sorry!