Thursday, September 15, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Wired And Under Air

The loveable alt-rock/college -rock band ,back with their 2nd release ,from 9/14/1991. Their first bonafide hit ,and later a staple of their live gigs ,"Not Shiny Paint" is on here! It was later covered by one of Chipmonk's friend's bands in New Hampshire , Headband ,who supposedly were to cut a 7" with the song on it! I don't know if that ever happened ,if so , I want a copy! A lot more vocals than on the first album , and more humor. The finale ,"Now I'm Going To Kill You" , features one of the wildest guitar freak-outs ever commited to cassette tape ,played by Chipmonk ,a master on the axe. Hopefully you have by now grown used to our weird diy drum kit ,and it's not annoying you enough to turn you off to hearing some of the finest alternative/indie rock ,to ever come out of the FTM ,or anywhere else for that matter. We were on a Sonic Youth/Pavement/Dinosaur Jr./Big Star/(fill in the blanks) ,bender ,and we aimed to ape our idols. And I think we did a damn fine job ,as you will continue to see and hear ,as this series of tapes rolls out.

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kaagootaabaa said...

dissin' on the cube is one relaxing piece of music! thanks G O D!!