Sunday, November 7, 2010


The vinyl record destroyin fool,is back with another release from Feb.of 1992.Some new records (like a trip back to the pop radio top twenty of the 80's)were ruined for this recording,and include such artists as:The Bee-Gees,Village People,Lionel Ritchie,Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers,Dolly Parton,Michael Jackson,Culture Club,Greg Kihn,Michael Sembello,and more.Kung Fu Fighting,is used here,as well as some,Burl Ives,Tijuana Brass,Roy Smeck,and Connie Francis.The second file,which comprises side two of the tape,is all Madonna songs,from the first 3 or 4 albums.A break-up with a girlfriend,forced my hand to mutilate her Madonna records,and play them back for you,here.Lock grooves,scratch,hot-wheel track method,and other techniques are used,to give a unique take on tunes you probably would never listen to in the real world,but given the Uncut treatment,this is pure gold.Madonna lovers and haters will both enjoy this eclectic take on the pop icon.Only one more Uncut album is left in the series,I may not post it till' next year sometime,unless i get some kinda crazy request from an Uncut fan,who may need to complete his full collection of the Uncut canon.Till next time,freak your pea-brains on this !! P.S. there is a great unused photo from Madonna's first nude modeling job,that you will never see anywhere but here,in the zip.You have never seen Madonna like this before,I would have used it for the artwork,but it would have been too pornographic,even for this blog!Check that out,even if you don't like the music!


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