Thursday, November 11, 2010

CAT MACHINE - Unplugged !

Live from Tony's room,11/10/90,recorded between midnite and 3 a.m.,with special guests ,Billy Drake,Shane Carwile,Katie Ball,and Christian Vic,(who showed up towards the end ,and crashed on the couch).Ed and Joel,the other 2/3rds of the core,were also in attendance.An acoustic outing,using guitar,pipes,and flutes,sampling,all manners of percussion,and some of the weirdest lyrics,this side of the pail.About the last 2o minutes is Ed,with an acoustic guitar,spitting stream of conciousness,free style words,to an audience of sleeping participants,to his humor,and their discontent.Funny as hell,and a few songs stand out,Tony's centerpiece,"Another One Drink",which he wrote,everyone singing in unison on,"Lost My Mind For A Moment(Fuck Magic Bus)",a totally different from the previous version,"Crude Being Made Flesh",and a cover of B.T.O.'S ,"Takin' Care Of Business",which sounds like drunken derelicts behind a dumpster.The rest of the tunes defy description,only to say they sound like Cat Machine,leaves much to the imagination.Not their usual sound,tho' they did use acoustic styles on the song,"When The Apeman Smiles",on a later studio tape,to great effect,as well as the tune,"Treehouse" on another later recording,but never before or since ,have they performed a whole tape acoustically.This was right around the time mtv was starting their Unplugged series,so we ran with it.Folky,punky,bluesy,and Shane does a drum solo,on an improvised drum set!This is worth your while,you will be amused,and looking forward to the next tape,dated 11/28/90,just after Thanksgiving!

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