Friday, November 5, 2010

CAT MACHINE - Beer For Breftiks

Continuing the year-long series,here's the core of Ed,Joel,and Tony with their 6th tape,(recorded straight to boom box) from November of 1990.There are revisions of tunes from the previous tapes,as well as a slew of new songs.Got some hardcore going on with ditties like,"SSAACOP" ("Shit Sandwich and a Cup Of Piss,Scab Sandwich and a Cup Of Pus"),with Joel on vox,"Shit Lipstick",and," I'm Dead Serious"."Dave Kendall" of MTV'S 120 Minutes fame,is spoofed here(twice! once in an extended mix!),and there are ,of course,more versions of live staples,"Queen Turd Of Shit Hill",and "Crazy Mary".They really started to grow a sound here,settling in to a comfortable groove,that would carry them thru the next year.Each tape seems to get progressively better."Crude Being Made Flesh",ends this tape,with more of the boys trademark "everybody read something out loud at the same time" thing which they did frequently.Next tape is dated 11-10-90,"Unplugged",mostly acoustic,with many special guests.See ya next week with that masterpiece!Till then,grab both parts of this here treasure.


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