Friday, November 2, 2012

Z.A.T.H. - Zardoz Agnostic Termination Horde

The latest from ZATH,who are currently at work on their third Xmas release! This album was titled by a ZATH freak from Germany ,Morris Vollmann. Great cover versions of My Dog Popper,Rancid Vat ,and Lefty Frizell! Plus all the fun tardcore that ZATH always displays on each release.This is the first time that Food did not draw the art for the cover.I actually took pictures of this statue near where I live,because I always liked it ,and i just realized why ,when I was taking these photos.It resembles one of Food's artistic creations ,chiseled in stone!Food did the front cover work ,while I did the back side,in more ways than one!ha ha! Great tunes about the upcoming election ,and the candidates,as well as other topical ,and not so topical,subjects. If anyone is interested in purchasing any of the ZATH cds ,they are all available for $4 apiece ,or I can strike a deal with you ,If you wanna invest in the full set of discs!This is the "new wave" in music ,right now! MTV and VH1 ,can't find a way to get to us,to put us in their rotation,so they are shit outta luck.While you ,my friends,are some of the luckiest folks alive,to be able to hear this fabulous band's latest ,for free ,on this here blog.C'mon and download it! And leave some comments,you crumbs!



Your European Son said...

Impressed you managed to dive even deeper into the dark and twisted realm of the human souls.
Hoping for some CD-Rs of this gem soon, 128 kb/s mp3 do really suck! But it's enough to get the idea and know we all need this badly.
P.S.: Christmas soon, make an album! ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this! cheers, bbqtumor