Friday, November 2, 2012


Yet another rare split band/split label release ,available as listed below ,at the Sluggisha webstore as well as thru the Lady Anthropophagus imprint.. Dylan takes some old,unreleased Bloodponies tracks ,and brings it on! Yobel Weenel have never sounded better ,the samples are otherworldly ,a zombie band to watch in the future.This is music that has not been currently classified,and is not able to be labelled,at least not with words that we have on earth. Yobel Weenel also has a track from the same sessions this split is from,coming out on a compilation,soon!Congrats to Derek ,from Linda Blare Project ,on being the first to buy this fine release,and to Fuck Ramone on getting a copy in trade from Dylan! Yay! check out the Yobel Weenel video below ,with a song from this very split!and get more free downloads over at Bloodponies bandcamp page.

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