Friday, November 2, 2012


From the great white north of Canada comes Frank Goshit ,with 3 great,humorous,tracks of about 10 minutes apiece,fine work from the man of many crazy bands. From the sweltering deep south swamplands of Florida , Baconaisse turns in 3 equally strange slabs of weirdness ,for your non-listening enjoyment! Released on Sluggisha ,in a limited edition of 15 ,hopelessly rare ,but a few hard copies are still available thru me ,here ,in the comments box.$4.00 plus 3.00 postage in the US,  $4 + $5.00 postage to Canada ,and $4 + $7.00 postage ,overseas. This is a masterpiece of fucking shitcore/tardcore/noise ,that will leave you hungry for more (or ,is it,four more ,as in Tacos?) Everyone should hear this ,after of course,imbibing the beverage of your choice. Front cover art by the indistinguishable talent of Mr. Dylan Houser ,of Lady Anthropophagus Unincorporated.

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