Friday, November 2, 2012

YOBEL WEENEL - Deto Soc Umy Oty

An unreleased album recorded in 2011,and finally released to this blog.The art ,and the music were collecting dust for over a year,awaiting release on another label,which fell thru ,so here you have it!Also the hard copy is included if you order the Yobel Weenel/Bloodponies split (see below) A great set of instrumentals ,bass,guitar,keys,drums ,made by a 48 ,14,and 11 year old. Truly unclassifiable ,except to say,Zombie rock!This trio is slated to play St.Pete Noisefest 6 ,next year sometime.Let's hope that happens ,for the good of all noise-kind.This is like their 5th or 6th release,I think. Art by the band ,in their usual collage style. The zip also includes a video from this album ,and a video from their live,in-studio appearance on W.G.O.D. radio!

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