Friday, November 2, 2012

S & M HUNTER - Metal Ghost

Avant-garde experimentalist dada surrealism,wrapped in a sonic sheen of shitcore spasmodicity. My pal ,Fuck Ramone ,is the madman behind this release.He and I swapped releases to post on each others blogs. I sent him the new ASF -"A Past Winner" ,to post at his site,find it here:
This S & M Hunter release is beyond a normal person's belief.Try playing this for your mom,or some neighbors ,and watch for the proverbial "head for the hills" ,to take place,shortly thereafter. We are currently working on a new band together,collaborating our musics ,and hoping to strike out ,once again! Look for the as-of-yet ,un-named project ,here,soon ,and also over at Electric Hedonist blog.

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