Saturday, December 20, 2008


A rather dubious collection of tunes ,sound quality varies greatly track to track,but all in all still Myopia.Kinda rare,I got tons of stuff saved up I'm putting on here.Just great tunes from this power trio.CAUTION:this is a lo-fi to no-fi need to crank it up but not so much you get any tape noise.Still worth hearing this important document of the American underground.I got live at Ashey's lined up next ,with Ashey on vox on the great Antiseen number"Up All Nite".wait till ya hear that!!Til next trip , G O D 

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Tony Rizzo said...

boy- you weren't kidding! That's some dubious fidelity...
Funny...Venom as Myopia
Surprised we never covered them; Acid Queen could have been awesome.