Thursday, December 11, 2008

M Y O P I A ! Live At Gramps' a/k/a Dude,That's Penis!

Yes boys and girls, Myopia one of the greatest unheard bands ever,before grunge rock hit it's stride these guys were bashin out tunes you need to hear before you die.Tony Rizzo on bass vocals and writing ,Billy Drake on guitars and Shane Carwile on drums.Just young guys ,teens in fact at their induction.this is "Live At Gramps's" a/k/a "Dude,That's Penis! " a rehearsal for a gig with Cat Machine at Visions, a rather dubious club near the tracks at Martin Luther King (since demolished,me thinks)but just feel the power in these twee psych gems. These guys shoulda had a record deal I'm convinced, and so will you be after downloading.Thanks goes to the Sluggisha crew and Tony for the request.also included is some studio type demos ,the last five tracks,I got more, keep 'em comin',till then see ya, G O D 


Anonymous said...

Carwile not Carwyle

premo said...

wow! Thanks ED! I've been wanting to hear this shit for years! Wish you'd put up some SWILL or Subversives shit though.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't a teen...I was twentysomething!! Not that it matters.