Sunday, December 21, 2008

MYOPIA-live at ashey's-11/28/91-thanksgiving day

Here they are once again,back to bring you no hope whatsoever,the darlings of the Lee County underground,MYOPIA! Live at Ashey's on Thanksgiving 1991.Ashey sings on "Up All Nite" ,the classic Antiseen song!.Tune into Ashey's radio show,"The Late Riser's Club"on Mondays at 10 a.m.0n WMBR 88.1,Cambridge,Mass.He plays classic punk and h.c.and lots more.He's played Sluggisha stuff before on air and says he'll be playing more.
Click for link on these words:
then click on archives,look for late riser's club,and click on any monday show.Ashey is anarchy.
thanks G O D . p.s. Ashey is really Chris Macdonald. p.s.s.the pic is from "Live at the Hardback"in Gainesville,FL.

RE-UPPED 1/20/2012 FOR MIN!!!!


Tony Rizzo said...

I remember this...we didn't have a mic, or maybe no extra amp to run it thru, so Ashey was bellowing into the boom box, Cat Machine-style! That's why there are no real vocal tracks on the rest.

Anonymous said...

wow this is great
how can I hear this
Eddie Machete is GOD (Anarchy)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah this is Ashey (Chris)

Anonymous said...

ashey just click on the post title and youll go to mediafire just click the files and download to your computer then open and listen on your player.hey i got cat machine with your first recorded vocal(red painted face mask)when you thought you couldn't im glad to nbe the one to jumpstart your career.yes i take credit for your career.thanks you are not being snotty i totally respect you and everything you do i mean im just happy to have had a hand in your rise to dude love ya ,ed

Tony said...

'twas on 'Vanilla Cave', right?

lilmister said...

hey ed, this link seems broken - could you upload it again please? this is min, i used to live there. thanks for putting up all this music!

G O D said...

Hey ,Min! Good to hear from you! Yes ,let me locate this tape ,I may need to rip it again ,it'll be a few days or so,thanks,man!

G O D said...

Min!!!! Hey bud ,I re-upped this link tonite!! 1/20/2012 please enjoy . Hey would you happen to have any earlier era Myopia tapes? I thought I heard that you played in Myopia at some point ,early on? I have never heard stuff with you playing on it ,that i know of. thanks - Ed