Friday, December 19, 2008

CAT MACHINE - poolside yuletide

hey friends, here from 12/18/90 , is the world famous cat machine, with poolside yuletide,the xmas album.recorded near the green channel in joels room at gramp's house(cat machine house),from which sluggisha sprang was me,joel and tony rizzo with special guests sean sommers,brian "snax" siders (RIP),and frank sinatra.i cut out the frank stuff cuz it was kinda just sittin around singin along kinda sloppy .idid include a brief snippet on "a fuck you xmas with frank".i'll put up the best of cat machine next week or soon and give you more history.believe me we sound better than this xmas deal.this was for fun.the most demented sounding gang of cretins you ever did's almost frightening how scary this sounds,but it was the machine and it was 18 years ago.seems like yesterday,damn i miss jammin with you guys.thanks tony for the request.


Tony said...

Bryan Siders is dead, too? WTF!
buttfuck nelson, what a laff!
Sean was singing his lines with a little TOO much enthusiasm, eh?

Anonymous said...

P.S. That was MY room, beside the green channel. Joel's was in the house...he took mine over, when I moved out with Philbert Ze Choclat Clown.