Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, once upon a time at mumsy's house we had this really cool keyboard so we made a tape.a movement in one piece,about 30 minutes in length.bombastic,satanic,orchestral,touching,weird,atonal,beautiful,mind melting,ear splitting/soothing,eye binding,colorful,astounding,mournful,joyous,scary,spooky,transcendent,are all words which describe what you will hear.then you'll have your own adjectives to describe the sounds.There is a traditional bass/guitar/drum jam ,a breakdown,really,in the center of this soundtrack-like musical piece.Come take an Anal Vacation with the BURDGE DRAKEWOOD ORCHESTRA.Then when we got done with the master tape and mixed down we put the master on top of the t.v.and it got this is the only copy existing.Starring Vance Burdge,Billy Drake,and Ed Wood,hence the name ...recorded 5/7/94.Listen now, this is not classical music or maybe it is to us. GOD              

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