Monday, December 1, 2008


This is it ! The amazingly good sounding recording made at Joel's in Crime Manor. 5455 was the place to be on this particular evening.The rehearsal for the debut and sadly last ever gig .Me on vocals and lyrics plus keys,Vance Burdge on bass,Joel Rizzo on guitar ,and Mike Smith on drums.Aunt Christy was there in attendance.  The show the next night was a rousing success.We were the oldest people in the place and we played this exact set and it ruled!!I have a video of the show I may put up eventually.Lotsa kids pogoin' and havin' a good time.How many straight-edge guys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?None they don't screw.A joke from said gig.Hey comment on or review this shit cmon I'm'lookin for a response from someone out there.Requests?Please gimme somethin.see ya soon,GOD


Anonymous said...

Very nice..we (meaning entire Sluggisha empire) were the closest thing this shit-hole ever had to a vibrant, relevant, u-ground music scene. Truly out of place genius. So you've got the video from Off Beat?? Holy Schmidt, man..i gotta see that. I thought Ralphie had that. Keep up the good work Ed..the blog's awesome. - joel

Tony Rizzzo said...

Let's hear some Poolside Yuletide for this gawdfersakin' holiday!