Saturday, January 3, 2009

CAT MACHINE--the last newest one

I believe this is the last time we recorded as CAT MACHINE.It's in Cape Coral,at Vance's,in Mumsy's dining/living rooms,all improv live,only vocals added later,Ed ,Tony,Joel,Vance,sometime in 1995 I think.Tony sang on the first track and I had to sing the rest cuz everyone left me alone,then I mixed down.It's kind of a reunion of sorts since we hadn't played as The Machine for a few years at this point.Right up to par with the classics.Real drumkit ,(courtesy of Mike Smith).Don't miss the final session of the catalyst of Sluggisha Tapes,THE MIGHTY CAT MACHINE. G O D 

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Anonymous said...

wish you had tape recording of the show that this FLYER is for!!