Sunday, January 11, 2009


okay,i wrote all the lyrics and the songs are all true 70's rock god worship lotsa t.rex,sweet,kiss,refrences.lotsa hookers,drugs,sneakin out at night,skippin' school,gettin' in trouble,smokin,drinkin,drivin,hot rods, hot chicks,love,love lost,power ballads,good hard rock before metal came about,still kinda has that punky(meadows)edge.if you lived thru the 70's,watched that 70's show,have a passing interest in any thing teenage related,smoke herb,went to high school(why do you think they call it "high"school?),or just are a culture fan,you will surely enjoy this.ed on vocals,vance on bass,billy on guitar,and we all played drums and switched around instruments.i started myself in 92,wrote the first 2 e.p.s,vance joined part way thru 2nd e.p.then by 94vance and i wrote abunch more tunes ,at which time somewhere into this era,billy the end of the year we had a full lineup including also tony and mike smith.only 3 rehearsals 2 tapes exist and that was it,never played live but coulda opened for the donnas or the runaways if given the chance.i'll tell more when i put more haleys up.kelly leek as he was known in the bad news bears,the bad news bears in breaking training,and the bad news bears go to japan,jackie earle haley was a bad kid.perfect name to relate these tunes of teen angst and joy.CLICK HERE: 

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