Saturday, January 31, 2009

ONE FELL SWOOP-not the best of, just a small cross-section

some really good tunes and other stuff from me,joel,and chipmunk.after cat machine folded,we just kept going in more of an indie direction,more poppy, which for us is like sonic youth meets pink floyd and howlin'wolf vs. lee ving.i don't know i hear a bluesy tone kinda sad and downtrodden sound that almost makes me cry.after all these years this stuff is magical enough to inspire feelings.probably i'd venture to guess,this is the only band in history with a 2-guitar(no bass)line-up with a drum set made of a deep dish pizza pan in a drum rim and an empty plastic typewriter case played with a wrench and a hammer,not live tho' we had a real drumset,boo, also not to say we didn't use other instruments, as keys samples ,etc. show up from time to time.check out this amazing band,so much more to hear.i will be putting up lots more including the show advertised above.we were the kings of the losers.all cover songs compilation will be up soon,it's fookin' fab! enjoy , G O D . click on HERE for link: FELL

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