Thursday, January 29, 2009

THE APOCALYPTIC CENTURIONS-the 3rd coming-live at the coffee house-12/3/93

this is the 3rd coming of the apocalyptic centurions.only 2 parts of the 3 part symphony were conducted because i was flashing(that's me in the pink dress with the green stockings and docs and a ski mask)some girls in the front seats, was a magical night and i give you ,"tap your foot to a car crash" and "a fleet of u.f.o.'s landing" thanks cindy bruce,proprieter of said coffee house,for letting us play with this,and other ensembles, and for letting me get your poetry readings blasting off outta this world.2 really good flyers ,art by billy drake,crappy flyer by me.check this short video ,see if you can name all the participants!thanks, G O D .
click here: centurions-3rd

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