Thursday, January 15, 2009

the BLOOD RED OSCARS-tardcore is for you!

This is the pinnacle of all tardcore, totally crushes all that came before and are still to come .Lots more of this band will be up on this site soon.Smart=stupid and stupid = smart.That's tardcore.Hands down funniest thing you'll ever ever find on the web.This is just the first post of the Oscars ,it gets better and better as we go along as you will hear.Just me solo. The concept was be funny and stupid,use drum machine and one instrument on each song(keys,bass,guitar,samples)and be the king of tardcore.Sockeye is great and I owe a lot to them but what I have here is one of a kind.If you don't laugh you must be dead.The first three chapters of the Dead Dog's Weener saga is here as well.Just insert names of songs and movie titles and t.v.shows and string them together with Dead Dog's Weener. Just listen, you'll get it.Also on the song"Bird Is The Word With A Circle A (This Is Anarchy)"goes out to Ashey, as he is mentioned in the lyrics.This is Satan Peabody at Sluggisha Studios in 1995.Lots more to come, stay tuned also, let's try to comment on this piece of art, o.k.?,,please? here.tard:

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