Sunday, January 11, 2009

PUTRID TEETH-the horned turd

basically 60 songs about poop in 45 minutes.pretty funny for the first few times,and still funny afterwards.wheelchair full of old men records and tapes carries this,run by food of sockeye.i also carry a sockeye release that food himself compiled and did art for.i'll put it up one day soon.for now hear the tard core,uh,turdcore sounds of putrid was an old mad magazine,the putrid family,teeth putrid ,oldest brother and singer/guitarist in the family know teeth putrid=keith partridge,but i dont think we're quite as poppy or family oriented as that,still putrid teeth is a good name for a band dont ya think?this is their second release.some kids in maryland basically had a cult around the first tape which i may put up if this one does good on comments and downloads.that other tape is lo-fi dreck compared to this production but to each his own.also the kvlt kids from maryland started a band called adolf olliver nipple and i'll put that on here soon too.they kinda aped our whole sound especially our rhythmless singer,n.y.poop,and the songs are not all about,s funny too.but nothing can ever top the blood red oscars for out right hilarity to the point of peeing and or pooing in your pants.soon you will all know the power that is the blood red oscars.coming soon to a blog near you,this one in fact.but i digress,more on putrid teeth,only formed when n.y.poop was in fla. on vacation,for each of 3 sessions. the third tape"apoopstic"is a mostly acoustic outing with about 10 songs written by food, singer of sockeye ,especially for putrid teeth to use.also cool interview segments with n.y.poop giving you more insight to his life,the band,and the future .i'll put that up soon too.but like i said earlier before i was so rudely fucking interuppted by words,this will quench your thirst for tardcore for now,hope fully,gimme feedback,thanks

p.s.i forgot to mention the obvious g.g.allin ,mentors,meatmen,kinda vibe but i bet you got that already,right?the first picture up top is n.y. poop at an early age . click here for download


Anonymous said...

How come nobody got musical credit, except for you and NY Poop?

G O D said...

i was afraid of repurcussions from and for other band members but i will list aliases if you wish.?

Anonymous said...

"The Horned Turd" is a classic amongst the annals (how many n's is that spelled with?) of tardcore. I was pleased to have released this gem on Wheelchair too! --Food Fortunata