Sunday, October 31, 2010

GLENN AND JERRY -COVERED IN CRIMSON-A Collection of Bands Covering the Misfits,Samhain,and Danzig

70 bands of varying styles and genres, covering some of the greatest horror punk songs of all time,as done by the masters of said genre.I compiled this from a stack of discs,there was so much i knew i could not post it all in time for Halloween,so i did this mix to give you a taste of what i got.So many bands have been influenced by these guys,and they pay tribute here,in this fine collection!


Nazz Nomad said...

yo ho ho

Punk Not Profit said...

Added you to our links, thanks for the support man. Keep up the great blog.

__Punk Not Profit__

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the Boogdish cover of Night of The Living Dead on here. I'm glad it made the cut.

-Michael Boogdish

G O D said...

Thanks for the props ,Mike , love yr music and the Misfits!Glad to have you in my house!
--G O D