Saturday, February 5, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Brilliant Grimace

Just the core trio of Ed,Joel,Tony and special guest Philbert Ze Chocolat Clown,who sings most awesomely on a totally tubular number called ,"Nub Rock".Chipmonk was not here this day.Jerry Lee makes a brief appearance,Mr. Rogers is here ,too,for a few seconds.Gramps makes a few guest appearances,and you get good songs in between, like "Align Period Showcase" ,"Space Case" ,"Unsuitable Job" ,"Tree House" , and Tony crooning like Frankie Sinatra on "I Don't Like It Like This" ,accompanied by suitably loungy music.Lots of funny moments on here,recorded February 5th,1991, 20 years ago ,today! And how about the Satan Grimace ,looking down on the biology model Grimace!Stay tuned for the continuation of this year-long series!

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