Saturday, February 5, 2011

TANKOTA 4 - The Discipline Of Earth

The final (at least for now) Tankota album,recorded sometime in the 90's.The line-up on this one is: Ed - guitars,koto,cheese grater,brush,wrench / Joel - guitars,pen,mallet,transistor / Philbert Ze Chocolat Clown - percussion,koto,guitar,flute,kazoo. More subdued than earlier releases,but still noisy in it's own right.Thinking man's music,here folks.Something you can throw on while on a drive,or during the shit/shave/shower ritual,or even while jogging!Doesn't really harsh on your mellow,man.Good band while they lasted,an off-shoot,or outgrowth,if you will,of the much larger guitar orchestra,The Apocalyptic Centurions.Need a re-group,boys!

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