Friday, February 18, 2011

EXPLICITLY INTENSE- Insanity Sampler #4

From issue # 16 ,2004 ,of Explicitly Intense Magazine.Formerly located in Pasadena ,CA,the staff made the move to the former Death Metal capitol of the world,Tampa.Publisher/Editor In Chief,Sarjoo Devani,also employs some of his family members,and a stable of free-lance journalists,and photographers. Sarjoo is a dedicated metalhead,open to all forms of metal.As a result ,his music compilations,are somewhat lopsided,if you will.There's always good stuff on his comps,but he sometimes sticks a stink bomb in there,as if to clear out and seperate,the trve from the false.Good guy,I've got many more of his comps.,if anyone is interested.Let me know by commenting below,if you want more from EXPLICITLY INTENSE!!!

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Alfonso Castaneda said...

Do you have the first 3 samplers from Explicitly Intense Magazine? Can you post the image of the Cds or the tracks? I lost most of my stuff when I left the Navy in 2004. Thanks. My email is