Thursday, February 10, 2011

FULLBARN -Sloppin' The Hogs- Live!

This is the famous redneck punk band,Fullbarn.From a live gig,somewhere's around 1988,in a barn full of drunken hicks and chicks.The recording sounds kinda strange.I was told when the gig was over ,someone accidentally tipped over a jug of moonshine,which spilled on the tape!The recording machine began smoking,and was later found to be a total loss.But the tape was retrieved in all it's drunken glory.Don Hickles is on guitar and vocals,Marty Moonshine(Of The Eternal Mind) on drums,and extra vocals by Pizza Vomit.All in all a great show of drunken lunacy in which the following bands are covered: Pink Floyd,The Stooges,The Misfits,The Moshhawks,The Ramones,Vanilla Fudge,The Jackie Earle Haleys,Flipper,Def Leppard,Black Sabbath,Rik L Rik,Danzig,Led Zeppelin,and Bachman Turner Overdrive,as well as some of their own demented,drunken instrumentals.Thanks go out to the Big Still,a "good ol' boy" tavern,overlooking the Caloosahatchee River,long since demolished,R.I.P.

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