Friday, February 18, 2011

MUSIC TO MAKE YOU EARS HURT -Black and Blue Records Compilation.

Boy ,they ain't kidding,truth in advertising.Some of the worst bands and songs of all time.Crap-metal,poop-pop,punk rejects,and lame jazz influenced turds.When GG Allin is the best thing on a comp.,you know it's rough sailing.The Cedar Street Sluts also cover GG's "In This Room".Other than that,if you can bear the rest of the shit on here,you're a champ,in my book!

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mrpoopy said...

Yeah, if I've played this three times in the last 20 years I'd be surprised--this one's a righteous stinker. The Cedar Street Sluts LP, on the other hand, is right up your alley and worth seeking out if you don't own it already.