Friday, February 25, 2011

CAT MACHINE - God's Afterbirth

More from the greatest underground,undiscovered,outsider,cult-band.Everyone who is on this tape ,was tripping balls on some killer blotter,on this day ,2/23/1991.Ed,Tony,Joel,Chipmonk,and Billy Drake,were the band,and this one's a real doozy!!Recorded ,as usual,1-2-3-go! style,straight into a boom box,in Joel's room at Cat Machine house!!I would say you should imbibe some sort of intoxicants,to get full enjoyment from this recording.Some really great songs,crazy lyrics,insane playing,and the acid factor,all add up to a mountain of madness,and fun.Good times,none of us will probably ever get the chance to re-live,except through the magic of this tape.One of the eclectic band's greatest achievments,in their entire catalog! Highly (huh-huh) recommended.

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