Friday, November 4, 2011


The first compilation of one of Justin (Horrordactyl)'s other bands ,Chihuahua Zycantah. Imagine if you will ,Chrome and the Butthole Surfers meet up with some squat-punk bands ,and they all collaborate with Crass on some Subhumans(u.k.) type tunes! Sound good? It does to me! Flux Of Pink Indians and The Dead Kennedys are covered and I'll let Justin fill you in on the rest:

this is the blurb for Chihuahuas : -

(We) played about 50 gigs on and off between 1998 and 2007 - mostly free festivals and squat benefit parties , Zycantah is according to legend a hallucinogenic laced pancake mixture/ Aztec drug torture concocted for fucking with your mind...rumoured to be a popular breakfast of Cthulhu, and the Chihuahua part comes from the great Ren, of Ren and Stimpy fame....
Band members - Martin Dyno - guitar and lead bits that sound like he knows what he's doing, backing vox ; Horrordactyl - vox,guitar and lead bits that that sound like squawking rabid creatures,synths and samples ; Brother Clunk - bass and kettle, backing vox (1999 - 2007) ; Thee Intolerable Kidd - drums and violin, backing vox (2002-2007);
Braincell - vox and mixing deskery (1998-2001); Jonny Fenderson - drums,23 and cthulhu (1998-2002); Kev - bass (1998-99) ; Jez - bass (1999)
check out their live video ,featuring songs (Open Eye Surgery,Ferric Inequity,and Jazz Horses), from this compilation ,below

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