Saturday, November 5, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Total Odgena

A concept album about a kid,(pictured above), from Anywhere U.S.A., traveling to Seattle ,to become a grunge star ,after seeing Nirvana's ,"Smells Like Teen Spirit" ,on MTV. Much like Husker Du's conceptual double LP ,"Zen Arcade" , each song takes you thru a different part of the kid's journey. I'll give you the play-by-play ,because this story is so cool!
1.A Good Question - the album starts off with this instrumental ,the kid asking himself if fleeing to Seattle is a good idea.
2.The Incorrect Time - the perils of traveling into another time zone ,east to west.
3.Egypt Silt Went Goo - the crappy ,rainy conditions in Seattle ,do nothing to preserve valuables
4.Ask Northwest Dio - the kid comes upon a street dweller ,a homeless Dio-looking character ,who he asks about the local music scene.
5.Missing Women - the kid learns of The Green River Killer's exploits.
6.Socially Correct? - The kid questions if the grunge scene is too PC for his tastes.
7.If 6 Was 9 (Jimi Hendrix) - the evironment has changed his mind-set,and the kid writes an original song ,starts a little band,and plays out live.
8.Today Your Love,Tomorrow The World (Ramones) - the kid and his band , Total Odgena ,become overnight stars
9.Teenage Head (The Flamin' Groovies) - The basic autobiography of the kid ,up till now.
10.Chirping Psycho-Babble - the kid meets and dates a crazy grunge groupie,and has to listen to her bitching ,whining ,moaning,and complaining.
11.American Woman (The Guess Who) - The kid meets some canadians ,who have crossed the border ,also to find fame ,but find the scene and the annoying grunge girls ,too much for them to deal with , and they persuade the kid into dumping his squawky big bird girlfriend.
12.Smells Like Beans Near It - the kid becomes quickly disillusioned with the scene ,after a review of his song ,and the whole grunge scene ,is scathingly reviewed in a local music rag.
13.Fresca Chase - the kid gathers up his few belongings ,and with his last few dollars ,buys a cheap bottle of booze ,to drown his memories.
14.Colombus Was A Nazi - "America is facist"! ,thinks the kid to himself ,wondering why he can't get accepted into the social norms.
15.The World For Ransom - grunge music takes over the pop and metal charts ,leaving people scratching their heads in disbelief.
16.La Comparsa - the kid compares his life before and after grunge music ,in this re-hash of the Candy Butcher's tune ,"Crummy Turkey"
17.Sweater Heads - people the world over are blinded by the hype of grunge ,every band thinks they will move to Seattle and be stars.
18.Forget Stride - the kid realizes that this music scene ,really has no leg to stand on ,as more bands are signed to major labels ,and many videos are put into heavy rotation on the video networks.
19.A Good Answer - closing out with another instrumental ,and the reality of heading back to where he came from , and how lame an idea it was to even come out here ,to become a junkie/rock star ,like his idols.

Total Odgena means "bad heartburn" ,by the way . Pass the TUMS! This is kinda based on the true story of friends of ours from Ft. Myers ,who fled to Seattle to try and be scenesters ,and launch their bands.They all came back home ,eventually. Which is the basic message of this album , you'll always end up back where you first started. One of the best and most cohesive OFS albums up till this point ,with great tunes ,awesome lyrics and vocals ,weird samples in between some songs ,and the whole conceptual story line. Our live set list sometimes included the Hendrix and Groovies songs. Recorded 20 years ago today! 11/5/1991

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