Friday, November 4, 2011

HORRORDACTYL - Destroying Music

Another compilation of Horrordactyl ,the U.K. sensation ,this time doing all his own material ,and including a brand new ,recently recorded number ,"Samhain 2011". There is also Annie ,who may or may not be the spawn of Justin(Horrordactyl) ,singing on one track ,and playing drums on another track. There's tons more of this stuff ,with no end in sight ,as of yet. A melange of industrial,pop,noise,metal,punk,weirdness ,that really can't compare to any other band.I'll be posting lots more of Justin's bands ,including the one above this post ,Chihuahua Zycantah ! He will also be sending in some tracks for the upcoming Cat Machine tribute disc ,and Sluggisha's Xmastravaganza III ,can't hardly wait to hear those ones! His Butthole Surfers covers comp (on this blog!) got over 100 downloads so far ,and his 3 part "Plays Everybody's Songs" covers comp. got over 30 downloads apiece! The video below is for track 9 on this collection ,"Cymbals". Good shite!

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