Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Split The Cap

The title and picture reflect the goings-on at this time period in OFS's existence. There are 5 songs to start off ,all of a pop-song length ,including,"Grimy Reefer" ,an extension of The Candy Butchers song "Crummy Turkey"(on the next album we did,"La Comparsa" ,in the same style). That is followed up by a lengthy (over 14 minutes!) covers medley , which was too long to list on the mp3 file ,so here is that list:
The Rapper (THE JAGGERZ) , Stairway (LED ZEP) , I Can See For Miles (THE WHO) , Hold On Loosely (38 SPECIAL) ,Wishing Well (BEACH BOYS/CHICAGO) ,Honey Don't(CARL PERKINS), Wang Dang Sweet Poontang(THE NUGE) ,American Ruse(MC5),The Lemon Song(LED ZEP) ,Werewolves Of London (WARREN ZEVON) ,Bob O'Reilly(THE WHO) ,No Feelings(SEX PISTOLS),Cocaine(ERIC CLAPTON)/Sushine Of Your Love(CREAM) !!! The whole thing ends with an over 13 minute spazz-fest ,"Better On The Arteries" , and you should hear this whole thing! It's a gas! Recorded November 2nd,1991 ,20 years ago today!

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