Thursday, November 10, 2011

SKINDUST/KAAGOOTAABAA - 28 Ways To Interrogate American Civilians -Split

A split from 2 of Sluggisha's newest artists! The heaviest stuff yet from Spaceship Andy & Frank Silverberg (Skindust) ,in Seattle,WA ,as well as extreme killing from John (Kaagootaabaa) in North Carolina! If weirdo noise is your game , these are your boys! Another fine product from the Sluggisha line of recordings. John also made a video (see below) for track # 23 ,"Give Me The Phone". Look for more from both of these great bands in the future ,right here!
Here's some notes from the guys:

28 Ways To Interrogate American Civilians

01 Avant-Garden Of Eden
02 Gory Sacrifice At The Kingdom Of Nakedness
03 Theme Song To An Unfinished Sitcom
04 Tripping In A Hyperbaric Chamber (Part 13)
05 Leaving Earth In B
06 This Is That Band I've Been Telling You About, Bro!
07 EarsplitterFuck3000
08 Returning To Earth In B
09 Outrunning A Desert
10 Rainbow Cunt
11 Wonkasludge (High On Pure Sugar)
12 Live Life Like There's No Tomorrow (Until Tomorrow)
13 Calling: All Transvestites
14 Breakfast, Tea, & 30 Blunts
15 8K Dial-Up
16 Chipping Teeth Gnawing On Swords
17 Outro
18 Thanks For Calling
19 (d_
20 A Day At The Zoo
21 Dumpster Baby
22 Maybe You'll Hit, Maybe You'll Miss, As Long As You Swing. Faggot.
23 Give Me The Phone
24 Untitled (2)
25 Untitled
26 Shitline
27 Ode To Skindust
28 Untitled3


Tracks 1-18:
Frank Silverberg - Spiritual guidance, meditation, world peace.
Spaceship Andy - Production, electric guitar, distortion pedal, amp, cell phone, glass slide, paper bag, pliers.

Tracks 19-28:
Kaagootaabaa - Production, electric guitar, amp, effects pedals, computer speakers, drugs.

Recorded in November 2011.!/pages/Kaagootaabaa/218815498185234


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