Thursday, November 17, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - Prepare My Dome

With a Chipmonk lookalike on the cover,and more of the downtrodden ,blues sound ,that they were playing at the time,this is another winner! One from the set-list is here ,Chipmonks
's moment ,"Out The Way" ,kind of has a Sonic Youthy feel to it. "Ringing Water" starts it off and some of my favorite tunes follow ,(tho this thing is not to be missed),"Gun And You" ,and "Tired Of Self". The most surreal and "One of these things just don't belong" moments on here ,is the last track ,"Dirt Throwing Crowd Screaming Nazi" ,a joyous sing-a-long ,that you will be singing along to ,whether you want to or not ,as it will become imbedded in your brain-meat.Also an appearance by Gramps on , "Do They Sell Dirty Blankets At The Store?" ,for comic relief. Recorded 11/16/1991.

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