Saturday, November 19, 2011


A baker's dozen (that's 13 ,for all you non-bakers) ,of hits ,verging on being the most downtrodden sounding bunch of blues songs ,you may ever hear. Right off the top ,Gramps is bitchin' ,as we go into ,"The Shithead I've Got To Be" ,my life story.Another one that ended up on the live set list ,"Pain In My Dreams" ,is here in it's original version.Some of my personal favorites are here,once again , written by listening on the other side of the house ,thru several walls ,trying to dechiper guys like ,John Lee Hooker,Lightnin' Hopkins,Leadbelly,Blind Lemon Jefferson ,and what they were saying."Wait On Bolos" , "I Treated You Wrong" , and "Mean Spider Evil" (the last few seconds of which ,gave us the album title!) ,are some of the finest blues-rock ,alt punk songs ever written! Chipmonk went totally bonkers on here ,on all his songs ,he is funny as hell! "Fo' What Munchin' " ,"Bristly Bag O' Yogurt Bones" , "Crowded Tower Toppled Boat" , and a cover of Gary Numan's hit ,"Cars" ,all get the Chipmonk treatment ,and it is great! The final track is one of my all-time favorite OFS songs , "Pretty Shaggy Laundry" ,it's comedy/blues/punk ,which I could barely sing ,as I was in a riotous (and righteous) laughing fit!
Really good songs ,and music,and as we continue ,it just gets better and better! One of the best tapes in their catalog! Recorded November 19,1991 ,Twenty years ago today!

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