Friday, January 28, 2011

CAT MACHINE- Beware The Cord!

On 1/26/91,the core of the group,Ed,Tony,and Joel,with newest member ,Chipmonk,were joined by special guests Billy Drake,and Shane Carwile,to produce this,their 20th release!This is where they began to number the tapes,as they were over-prolific in their recording schedule.The title comes from a warning issued at this session,because they were using a power cord with a short in it,and if you even touched it,it would ruin the recording.Anyway ,some great songs are unearthed here: "Wheels Of Terror","Return Of The Redeye","Trinkets Of Cloud",in it's 1st appearance (Chipmonk's centerpiece),"Design For Living","The Sweet Smell Of Justice",an acapella number entitled,"Die ,Bobby McFerrin,Die!(Don't Worry,Go Fuck Yourself!)",a cover tune from a hit children's film,"Theme Of Milo & Otis" ,"Road Block","One Nitemare Stand" ,"Girl In The Picture" ,and the story of,"The Machine".I could go on,but let me just say,that at this point,the boys were gaining quite a cohesive sound,that would stick with them till the end.We are not quite halfway done with this year-long series,in which everything ever recorded by this underground,outsider,cult-band,will be posted!!Stay tuned for the rest!

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Anonymous said...

Just as I said, we're getting into the REALLY good ones, now...more cohesive, coherent...still pretty far out there, though.

-Tony Rizzo