Monday, January 3, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Dr. Bellows

One of the "must-have" ,tapes in the Cat Machine collection,for a number of reasons.First off,the guests:on disc one,it's Ed J.,and Tony Rizzo,with guests :Dave Roth (who is here for the duration of this recording!),Tall Ray,and Nathan,who chime in on a few songs,you can tell by Nathan's goofy voices,and disc two is :Ed J.,Tony and Joel Rizzo,Dave Roth,and on the last 2 tracks Matt and Frank,of The Headlaunchers!The last track is another of those,"Everyone read something different,out loud,at the same time",things,which we always seemed to do.Some of the best songs ever are on this thing,:"Tore My Hair Out Today" , "Blinky" , "Triggernometry" , "Trying To Shit An Old Turd" , "Behind The Oven" , "Rum's Gonna Rain" , among other great ditties!But the guests are the main thing here,Dave Roth is a genius (find his solo album on this blog!),Nathan and Ray are local legends,Matt and Frank,hippies jamming in a smelly room.I highly recommend this release,especially if you are just discovering Cat Machine,as the tunes here are striving for underground excellence.Recorded straight to boom box at Cat Machine house,12/29/1990 .Stay tuned for more from this exciting outsider band,and their continuing exploits!! In 2 parts,get both to hear the album of the year for 1990!!

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