Thursday, January 13, 2011

DENIAL -Antichrist President -7"

Denial were from North Carolina.This single is from 1991.Has the same song on both sides.Slayer worship.I think they're referring to George W. in the title.


. said...

hhahah, hey guy, there is only one song on my download, the A side,and what'w with all the skips in the record!! whoooo! I guess you must have liked it and played it a LOT...for really bad scratches like that , I tape a penny on top of the needlehead on the tonearm, and that works half the time. this at the right speed? weird vocals, sound pitchshifted.

Good song so I will have to buy an actual copy or at least find a better playing download.

You got my attention alright with this one!

. said...

oh.. just read that "same song both sides"
...bummer...was this a radio promo or something ?