Sunday, January 16, 2011

THE GRUNGY DUNGAREES -Working At The Black Label Brewery

The lost tape has been found! A former member of a band called,"Restaurant Sinks",from the 80's,in WA.,sent in the original tape,with a ton of great photos of Grungy Dungarees.The title comes ,apparently,from some of the band members working at the Black Label Brewery,in WA(also some photos of this place). The term ,"grunge",was appropriated from their name ,to designate the new scene.Altho' this was recorded in 1989,just before any grunge bands made it big.The band,members of which later went onto big fame,once again use fake monikers,totally different from the second album.This is a historical piece,and I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to Andy Sordid,for sending this treasure of a relic!Without him,no one would ever have heard this tape,as only a few copies were duped by band members,for close friends,with the stipulation,that it would not make it to the ears of the public.Internet searches turn up nothing on this band.Truly groundbreaking sounds,as Joe Walsh and The Stooges,are covered,along with swell originals.Culled from several recording sessions,at Jack Joe's Studio,in WA.

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