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Me and another blog ( ) are swapping posts ! He did a compilation for this blog,and I will be doing one for his blog.Spread the traffic around! Here's the comp:
EAT A FUCK (musics?) presents the HANG YOUR FRIENDS compilation!
by Nyxx on Jun 9, 2011 • 4:08 PM No CommentsEAT A FUCK Music Presents…

Music To Hang Your Friends to
Unofficial true music compilation, vol. I
So, me an’ Ed over at Sluggisha have agreed to conure up two awesome compilation efforts, the tracks I’ve chosen do vary – and I’ve steered clear of the almost inaudible blackmetal aswell as DSBM on the whole, really – maybe for the next compilation.

You can link to this page, but not host on your own site ex. Sluggisha – bar NONE. This is in alphabetical order, no Real Rating – your music player will rearrange the shit anyway. As fucking ridiculous as it sounds – like on Facebook, we need more readers… Here’s tracklist;

Theme of Laura – Akira Yamaoka
All the Wars – Anthrax (not the gay fags)
Abuse Myself I Want to Die (GG Allin) – Aska
Frightening Clouds – Bone Awl
Don’t Wanna Fight for You – Counter Attack
You’ve Got Big Hands – Crass
The Crawling Insects – Doom:VS
Sanctity – Dystopia
Dead Flowers – GG Allin
Die When You Die (Live) – GG Allin
Life of Sin – Hank III/Assjack
Dick in Dixie – Hank Williams III
Crushing Impure Idolatry – Infernal War
Ensam I Natt – The Leather Nun
A Drug Induced Paranoia Firmly Based in Reality – Machine the Flashes
Piss Drinkin’ Jew – Murder Junkies
Mid-1930’s (Pre-War Germany) – Naked
How Does That Grab Ya Darlin’? – Nancy Sinatra
The Three Judges – Ron Fish
The Lost Souls – Ron Fish
Guts on the Floor – Throbbing Gristle
The New Acid Bath – Tristwood
Giant – ZED

Download @ Mediafire

Your band there? You don’t like it? BITCH, tell me and I’ll take it down and REPLACE your band — do you want that? Music, do you?

So be looking for a disc of music that I will be compiling for EAT A FUCK! It will be posted on his site.

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