Sunday, June 12, 2011

BEAVERBAG - Death Is Gay- A Tribute To Seth Putnam

Seth Putnam,the world's greatest grindcore vocalist,died yesterday of a heart attack,at the age of 43.This band (Beaverbag) did their first release a few months ago,and now they are back to pay tribute to one of their main influences,Seth and Anal Cunt. There are no A.C. cover songs,only originals,done in the style of old-school A.C.! The titles are frighteningly similar to titles Seth would have come up with,if he were roasting a dead grindcore singer. 10 tracks,believe me ,this is of higher quality and sound than Beaverbag's first release "Beaverbag Plays 25 Rock n Roll Hits" ,found elsewhere on this blog. True grindcore,no holds barred!Please leave comments for Seth ,scathing put-downs ,the like of which Seth himself would have used ,in life. It'll be funny as hell if Seth is pulling some kind of a hoax,and he shows up on tour for the new album,soon! But ,so far,all sources point to the fact that he has passed on. Death Is Gay!This is what I believe to be,the first Seth tribute posted anywhere on the web!


Anonymous said...

I won't believe it until I see a corpse.

Anonymous said...

Very very excellent, my sir.
-Jake Joyce

Anonymous said...

listening to BEAVERBAG now...great!
-Wes Hess

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