Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ZATH - Zolar-x Ate The Hamburgers

The 8th disc from Food Fortunata and yours truly,G O D.With each album,this band grows progressively better! Some fine covers of classic punk tunes here ,of course they've been ,"Zathified", GKH,Devo,Reagan Youth,JFA,and The Weirdos are all put thru the mill!Sorry,no Zolar-X covers,we'll try to make that happen,tho'! Their own tunes ain't bad either!"Scoops Brought His Mind To Town This Time,(Scoop's Mind 2)" ,is a continuation ,if you will,of a tune by Food ,(Scoop's Mind) ,which is on the fabulous, 100 bands 'K-tel Kore/Popeil Punk' compilation ,from last year at this time!(find it on this here blog!) I suggest that everyone who visits this blog,download the entire ZATH catalog ,and start livin'!Tardcore geniuses,hoisting the flag of true anarchy and punk rock! Food's art is greater than ever,in full color!I want a t-shirt of that!
CLICK HERE: https://archive.org/download/Zath-Zolar-xAteTheHamburgers/800zath-Zolar-xAteTheHamburgers.zip


and on a side note: I did a compilation for "Eat A Fuck" zine ,here's the link:

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mtlhardcore said...

I've been waiting for this. Love the DEVO stuff. As for Uncontrollable Urge.. great work or should I say GOD work.

Anyway... I will be anxiously awaiting the next release.

This one should be on vinyl.

Thanks GOD for Food!

G O D said...

Thanks for the kind words! For some different demos from this album(plus a bunch of other cool demos and unreleased,as well as the usual) check this link:
also see this link:
thanks and check this out too!

thanks again ,-G O D