Saturday, June 25, 2011

YOU SAID THAT WE COULD SMOKE ALONE - Ryan Hauser e.p./Tim's Last March

Some new kids ,I found over on Soundcloud , , playing their own style of tardcore. Really neat-o (and rather mature and disciplined) stuff from this duo of 15 year old's,and their friends. Looking forward to more! Here's a note from Nos:

" Wedding Dog Recordings (Nos Roblem) sent you a message with the subject k-tel core:
hey g o d
this is the blogspot for my band :
the groups name is You Said that We Could Smoke Alone. i think most of the songs you've heard so far are from the newest one (tim's last march), which is about an hour long and most of it's not on soundcloud
we also did a shorter album about a kid that my cousin knows named Ryan Hauser awhile back which you can post if you like, theres pictures and lyrics for a "story" in the Tim's Last March zip, and lyrics for all the songs in the other one
and for the info part of Tim's Last March put a link to my blogspot and then mention that its made by me and my friends (we are 15, maybe some of the youngest kids doing intentional tardcore?).
thanks for doing this man, i'm excited to have my stuff posted on your site - I'm always finding great stuff on there! "



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