Friday, June 10, 2011

CAT MACHINE -Nose Pollution

6/8/1991 ,Ed,Billy,Joel,Chipmonk (Tony still in the clink). 4 songs,all of 'em are super-good!Recorded on the 4-track studio machine,at Cat Machine house.There are only a coupla more tapes left in this series! Yikes!The next tape will be posted ,20 years to the day it was recorded,6/23/1991.If you haven't heard these guys yet,this is the shit!Get it now!Underground,undiscovered,cult-band from Florida,in the 90's!



G O D said...

Hey Bob! that stuff was swell! If it's not posted elsewhere,can I post it on my blog? Let me know ,thanks again! -- G O D

bob L. said...

Hell yea post it for sure! That's why I sent it to ya.