Saturday, June 25, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Tony Wakes Up

There's only one more studio tape,and one rehearsal tape after this masterpiece of underground,cult-band madness! This recording had Ed,Joel,Tony,Chipmonk,and Billy on it from 6/23/1991. As with most of these 4-track recordings,all the songs here are top-notch! With a Ventures/Stooges mash-up ,before there ever was that sort of thing,plus each member gets to play a second or two of the guitar solo! The mug shot of Tony ,represents where he was for the previous few tapes,and the title also tells the tale!Here's the track list!

1.Donkey Sex #1
2.Wise (St. Patrick Chewing Corners)
4.Paul Stanley (Is Pam?)
5.Loose (Ventures/Stooges)
6.Losing Houses

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