Friday, June 3, 2011

CAT MACHINE - Today's Hit Music

A 4-track session from 6/4/1991. Only Ed J.,Billy Drake,and Joel Rizzo here.Ed J. takes on a death metal growl,for some reason,on some of the heaviest,powerful stuff Cat Machine has ever recorded!Joel sings the lead number ,and the last 2 tracks are like battle of the DJ's,as several records are played on several record players ,at the same time!Like a disco on Saturn,spacey,experimental noise! Great rockin' songs ,from this underground,undiscovered,unheard,outsider,cult-band.Just a few more tapes left in this nearly year-long series!Get it now!! Title can also be read as,"Today Shit Music" , just in case you were thinking about leaving that comment!Fucker!

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