Saturday, October 22, 2011

THE BIBLE BEATERS - He's Always Watching

From the vast shitlands of Ohio ,comes The Bible Beaters. They sound kinda country/spiritual/gospel-punk ,with a huge spoonful of humor. Reminds me ,at times, of The Dick Panthers.They are still active,and are in fact playing "The Last Rock N' Roll Show Ever On The Face Of The Planet" ,on 12/21/2012.Totally not religious,but bashing religions,all the way!Sent in by John (Kaagootaabaa) ,much thanks.

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LakerCrazy said...

What a fun blog...spend many hours just reading your great info. A modest request...I've lost my copy of this classic...and the links are now dead (damn mediafire)...if possible could you re-up with new link? Thanks in advance.