Sunday, October 16, 2011

MISFITS - Eyes To Despise

A rare double-album boot! Compiled from several other boots,this has demos,live shows ,and "Return Of The Fly" ,which was unreleased at the time(1990).The track list is mostly right ,it lists 49 tracks ,when there are actually 53 cuts! I fixed it on the mp3's ,like you don't already know these songs! Doyle signed it on the bottom of the eyeball to the left (see close-up), and it's on Johnson Records of NY. Not a bad comp. I've heard much worse. There are a couple of skips and some surface noise ,but,alas, it was pressed on inferior vinyl.This is only my second or third time playing it in 20 years. I left in every second of Doyle tuning up between nearly every song ,cuz' that's the way their shows were ,and I'm going for the full effect! Halloween is nigh ,and I will be posting more related stuff ,another Misfits covers comp. and a Halloween collection akin to last year's ,"Music To Eat Brains To" ,compilation!

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