Saturday, October 22, 2011

ONE FELL SWOOP - The Lungs Have Eyes

The 14th (!) release from this unheard,underground,outsider,cult-band ,who picked up where Cat Machine left off! This is one of my personal favorites from OFS ,with really good songs ,and a cover of "Night Of The Living Baseheads" ,by Public Enemy! A dog named,"Catfish" ,(the song has a weird breakdown in the middle ,with mechanical sounds and some sort of horn),"Mall Music", and "A Metal Thing" ,in which Gramps arrives at the end of the tune ,to talk/inquire about, "a metal thing". I mean this thing is great from start to finish,I really do enjoy it,and so should you. A good starting point ,for those not yet in the know! The album title relates to weed ,in some way! Recorded 10/22/1991, 20 years ago today!

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